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Need Front Garden Ideas

Hi Guys,

Total Newbie Here!

I'm looking to change my front garden completely!

Feel free to suggest any ideas you have!

I was thinking about a wall climbing plant but thats about the best i have!



Attached are photos of a basic plan of the front garden and a google streetview photo!


Not To Scale ^






  • Carlos4Carlos4 Posts: 13
    How about a ton of lavender next to the path? There's a deal on for 40 odd lavender plants for about ??6. Would give you a nice smell!
  • That's a nice idea, i don't like the smell at the moment so would definitely make an improvement!


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  • Well firstly my Garden Faces North West.

    The Soils Fairly Good aswell

    I just want to change it something new because i don't really like the plants that much and also i haven't done anything to it since moving in so i would like to impose my own influence on it.

  • bekkie hughesbekkie hughes Posts: 5,294
    Hi Joel, as Chrissie said, what sort of things do you like? Minimalistic, romantic, formal? image

    Are we talking box balls, clipped bay lolly pops or a over the top rose? So many things you can do image

    I would probably lean towards formal looking at the style of house image
  • bekkie hughesbekkie hughes Posts: 5,294
    Sorry if you feel a little erm- harrassed! We get very excited when there is a new garden to be planted! image
  • I really like that lavender idea. i think i am slowly getting an idea of what i would like to do. 

    Take a look at the new plan below!

    Feel Free To State Your Thoughts!



  • unfortunately there is no space under the bay window. Maybe a different plant to lavender along the top edge of the garden which would compliment the scent of lavender.

    Also forgot to mention that the garden receives a few hours of afternoon-evening sunlight.

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  • That may be a problem, what about some germander sage, similar to lavender but requires full sun to partial shade!?

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