Need Front Garden Ideas

Hi Guys,

Total Newbie Here!

I'm looking to change my front garden completely!

Feel free to suggest any ideas you have!

I was thinking about a wall climbing plant but thats about the best i have!



Attached are photos of a basic plan of the front garden and a google streetview photo!


Not To Scale ^






  • Carlos4Carlos4 Posts: 13
    How about a ton of lavender next to the path? There's a deal on for 40 odd lavender plants for about ??6. Would give you a nice smell!
  • That's a nice idea, i don't like the smell at the moment so would definitely make an improvement!


  • chrissieBchrissieB Posts: 772
    Would be useful to know which way your garden faces? Lavenders would need full sun

    Also what is your soil like?

    And you say you want a complete change from what's there now, is it the systole or the specific plants, colours which you don't like?

    Sorry for all the QStack but we can then tailor the answer accordingly : )
  • Well firstly my Garden Faces North West.

    The Soils Fairly Good aswell

    I just want to change it something new because i don't really like the plants that much and also i haven't done anything to it since moving in so i would like to impose my own influence on it.

  • bekkie hughesbekkie hughes Posts: 5,294
    Hi Joel, as Chrissie said, what sort of things do you like? Minimalistic, romantic, formal? image

    Are we talking box balls, clipped bay lolly pops or a over the top rose? So many things you can do image

    I would probably lean towards formal looking at the style of house image
  • bekkie hughesbekkie hughes Posts: 5,294
    Sorry if you feel a little erm- harrassed! We get very excited when there is a new garden to be planted! image
  • I really like that lavender idea. i think i am slowly getting an idea of what i would like to do. 

    Take a look at the new plan below!

    Feel Free To State Your Thoughts!



  • unfortunately there is no space under the bay window. Maybe a different plant to lavender along the top edge of the garden which would compliment the scent of lavender.

    Also forgot to mention that the garden receives a few hours of afternoon-evening sunlight.

  • chrissieBchrissieB Posts: 772
    Hi Joel

    If your house faces north west than lavender isn't going to be happy as they like full sun. Will put my thinking cap on for so etching which is similar but enjoys a shadier aspect : )
  • That may be a problem, what about some germander sage, similar to lavender but requires full sun to partial shade!?

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