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  • weejennyweejenny Posts: 386

    Hi, Id advise against trees until youve thought out a plan for your garden, trees shade your garden and they are very thirsty and the roots travel. If you want privacy maybe you could try trellis with clematis or maybe honeysuckle to climb it. Once youve had time to work out your plan which will happen as I think a garden evolves in time you could maybe think of fruit trees on dwarf root stock. These are my ideas as youve not actually said how big your garden is, its difficult to say maybe you have the room for trees which would be well away from the house and any flower borders you maybe thinking of

  • Only problem if you want honey. there expensive.....l have had much pleasure watching my shrubs and plants grow from small.     Shrubs are not necessarily small. there are a few which would grow to a height of say 5 - 6 ft which would give you some privicy and colour too and as weejenny has mentioned climbers are both colourful and sweet smelling

  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619

    I'm about to move house and the garden has no lants, initially I want to plant mature/tallish trees which will provide a bit of privacy as the back of the house is overlooked. any advice? By Jas gardens 

    Well, there are a few factors to consider here, as well as busymarie's comment re cost. What condition is your soil it a new build? (in which case you may have a lot of builder's rubble under the surface, which isn't going to get plants off to a great start). Is the soil acid or alkaline? What aspect are you thinking of planting up - is it in sun or shade?  

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,857

    Patience is a virtue and worksout wheaper and less diappointing in the long run.

    In fact, small trees will not only be chepaer but will establish and grow away far more quickly than mature treese.  Take some time to test your soil for alkalinity and fertility as wella s depth.  Then look at teh aspect of your garden as you don't want to be shading out the sun with tall trees.  Find out how cold your garden will get and also how wet or dry in an average year before choosing plants.

    Consider also a hedge on stilts - as seen so well at Chelsea this year.  They give height without taking up sppace and so allow for planting underneath.  Trellis panels hung across tall posts will give a similar effect with climbers and will give privacy without blocking light. 

    Tall trees sap enourmous amounts of water and nutrients from the soil so you will have problems planting at their feet.   Consider also the effect tall trees will have on your neighbours and their enjoyment of their gardens.  You don't want to start bad feeling.


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