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S O S how to prune Philadelphus

Help please!  I have a large type Philadelphus - in fact it is too large for where I planted it.  It is now 4 years old and becuse of hubby 'tidying it up' at the wront times this is the first year it has flowered.  Beautiful.  But from about 5' it has put on another 3' of growth.  Should I cut back this new growth now.  I know it will flower on growth it does this year BUT I dont want it to get any bigger.  Assistance please.  Many thanks.


  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 3,953

    Ours are still in flower so not even started cutting back yet. Cut now there is still time for it to make new growth for next year. Reduce the size over the next three years by cutting back hard now about a third of the bush. Aim for an open centre, by removing low down the oldest stems from the middle of the bush.

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