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  • joanybirdjoanybird Posts: 17

    I guess you could drill some small holes to let water, but not seed, through.  And yes, a really tough glue might do it image

  • Green MagpieGreen Magpie Posts: 806

    The niger seed from our feeder makes an awful mess, as a lot of it ends up on the ground. I have seen niger seed feeders on sale that have a tray attached underneath.  But as you say, what would happen in the rain? Anything with drainage holes would also allow the tiny seeds to spill through, or block the holes, and if it had no holes, when the tray filled up with rain it would just slop over on to the ground.

  • Gary HobsonGary Hobson Posts: 1,892
    Green Magpie wrote (see)

    .. I have seen niger seed feeders on sale that have a tray attached underneath.....

    I've just examined the bases of my feeders. The bases are not flat, so gluing could be problematical, but might work.

    They do have screw threads at the bottom, and you can buy seed catching trays, that screw onto the base...

    But it depends on the exact model of feeder. There are other models available too.

  • LeadFarmerLeadFarmer Posts: 1,290

    Re- attaching pizza tray.

    If you buy a proper tray for your feeder then they come with a threaded thumbscrew to attach them to the underneath of your feeder. I guess Kate has used one of these? I removed my trays as the small drainage holes soon become bunged up with seed husks/bird droppings etc and mould quickly forms, unless you constantly clean them. I did drill larger holes in some of them, but they still go mouldy.

    Heres a few photos of mine, different brands of feeders come with differest thumb screws..






  • jo4eyesjo4eyes Posts: 2,058

    Those pizza trays come with holes already in them- try wilcos, supermarkets etc.

    BTW they do work very well for pizzas- bases very crisp. J.

  • pashpash Posts: 109

    Hi, all my bird feeders came with trays attached with wing nuts, and like leadfarmer have removed them because of the mould, birds are such messy feeders they did little good anyway, i just turn the soil which kills any seedlings, especially the niger which seems to germinate at the drop of a hat

  • pashpash Posts: 109

    Oh, if your thinking of adding a large tray of some kind, it could act as a landing platform for pigeons. Going back to the super feeder, an old fashioned phone call could be the answer, anyone wanting one,

  • LeadFarmerLeadFarmer Posts: 1,290

    Pigeons were another reason why I removed my trays

  • LeadFarmerLeadFarmer Posts: 1,290

    Is the feeder mentioned above the Tordado Twister?

  • pashpash Posts: 109

    Thats the one, well found,

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