Strange plant

BigpierreBigpierre Posts: 2

A strange plant has appeared in the garden. I have never seen it like, nor did I put it in. Any ideas please.


 It has curved spines down the back of the leaves in the middle.



  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 42,707

    It's a teasel Could it have come from some wild bird seed or wildflower mix of seeds?


    I'm struggling to get some to germinate in my garden image

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  • fotofitfotofit Posts: 73

    I agree it's a teasel - a friend gave me one last year - a lovely plant, particularly the seed head which is liked by both flower arrangers and birds. I had hoped I would get self-sown seedlings this year but none have appeared.

    They seem to germinate freely along a walking route near us on a disused railway !!!! Such are the vagaries of nature !!! image

  • I bought one a few years ago & hoped it had self seeded. It had, in a crack in the driveimage. I've brought a couple home from the lotty. The bees absolutely loved it. I watched one going round & round for over an hour. They can be a nuisance but any not required are easily pulled out.

  • diggingdorisdiggingdoris Posts: 486

    I grew one last year from a small plant. It ended up 7ft tall! The birds and bees loved it, but I have seedings coming up in my lawn, dozens of them, also in between the slabs on the patio. It must have been from when I cut it down at the end of the season. I thought the seeds had all been eaten but obviously not!

  • BigpierreBigpierre Posts: 2

    Thanks every one.

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