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Lawn on old Patio

Hi, my garden is on a bit of a sloped hill but previous owners leveled and created three stepped stages, two of which were paved over.

On these two levels i wanted to law some new turf. I've lifted up the slabs and was hoping for a bit of cement which I was going to remove to expose soil, on which i'd lay a 4/5 inches of top soil, then the new turf. 

However.. on removing the slabs it turns out there is a LOT more cement that I had anticipated and it's quite a bit deeper than i thought too..

From looking on a few other forums have seen a few suggestions:

1. take up the concrete - which i think is out of the question as it's a massive job which i don’t think i can handle myself.

2. Drill drainage holes and add a larger layer of top soil, say 12". some people have suggested laying down some sort of membrane to prevent the top soil from completely running away. I have a hand held kango i can drill some holes for drainage.

Just wondered what if anyone would agree with option 2 here or am i wasting my time and will have a dead lawn within weeks??

pic attached to hopefully make more sense..

Thanks in advance. Ben






  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114
    Even if you add 12inches of topsoil the area will dry out quickly and you will be dis-satisfied with your lawn every time it dries out and looks dead.

    If you are not happy with the height of the paving you will be doubly unhappy if it's inches higher.

    You could take up the paving and replace it with slate chippings or gravel or nicer paving.
  • so you think the problem will be it drying out too quickly, presumably because there is no deep soil with retaining water under the top soil?

    my worry is if i do start to take up the concrete it doesn't end and is very deep i'll be digging forever!

  • Victoria SpongeVictoria Sponge WearsidePosts: 3,438

    I don't know anything about lawns Ben, but be careful there's nothing nasty concealed in there- I know of people burying asbestos in similar constructions so they didn't have to pay for proper disposal...

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