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seriouse ivy problem!

I have a whopper of what I can only describe as a ivy tree I need to kill. It's climbed up the back of my piggery wall and over goodness knows how many years totally covers the building. The stems are as big as my arm and wound togeather so on top of my roof is about a foot width combined stem. I can't cut it all at the base as I can't get to some of it. Is there a weedkiller that I can pour at the roots? I know ivy leaves are good at repelling spray. This is so massive its started collapsing the roof! Thanks.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 86,106
    I've used Vitax SBK brushwood killer to get rid of ivy - cut through and remove a section from the stems as near to the base as you can and drill holes into the stumps and pour the SBK into the holes. Also use it to spray remaining greenery - as directed on the packet. It will require several applicatiions and patience and tenacity, but it will work.

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    I'd cut it back to stumps and inject the stumps with root killer

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    Dried ivy stems are excellent for lighting fires.
  • Wow thanks for all the replies very helpfull. As I said I can't get to a lot of it. I've chopped what I can but as my roof is about to come down I can't get any more. Also I can't get to one of the roots round back as the gap between the wall and massive hehe that's the neighbours is too small. Maybe Ill post pics then ill see what I mean. I'll try drilling the holes. I hacked some of it away from the bottom its the other side I can't reach. I'll try some of that weedkiller.
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