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Tomatoe Plant leaves going Brown

My established plants are producing good fruit but over the last 10 days the leaves are turning brown and the veins going darker

Over the last few weeks it  has been over 25 degrees in the conservatory and I have not changed my watering regime........only when the leaves are drooping

? Any thoughts friends

Everyone is just trying to be Happy.....So lets help Them.


  • Steve 309Steve 309 Posts: 2,753
    Lower leaves normally turn yellow, then brown and drop off (or you can remove them). This allows more light and air to get into the plant and is quite normal.

    However, if it's very hot in there and you're only watering after they've started too wilt, they're short of water. Water more, and (as Monty demonstrated last night) also water the floor so it evaporates and increases the humidity in there. Once the leaves wilt the plant is desperately short of water and will have more or less stopped growing and producing fruit.

    And ventilate, especially if it's hot in there. Doors, windows, vents. 25 is OK but much hotter is too hot.

    How often are you feeding them? If they're very productive they might need feeding twice a week or even more. Dark veins (and purpling of the undersides of the leaves) indicate nutrient deficiency.

    Good luck - I hope you can sort this out.
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