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dying cherry trees

I have three large old cherry trees in my garden and they are all looking very sad.  I fear one is already dead as it had very few leaves last year andnone this year.  The other two looked great and had a lot of blossom but all of a sudden they have lost most of their leaves.  There is a little bit of sap from the main trunk on all of them.  Could it be the weather we are having here in Scotland or could they be diseased?


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    It's very unlikely to be anything to do with the weather unless they're waterlogged. Oozing sap makes me think of canker, which seems to be thriving this year - have a look here to see if the symptoms look familiar.

  • I came onto the forum because my tree is looking very sorry for itself.  Lovely big tree, great blossom, but now the leaves are patchy & turn ing brown in places.  I walked up the street & three large trees are in a similar condition.  This is Lincolnshire.  Lots of annual plants are looking very poorly this year too, just not thriving.  too much rain, too little sun???  that's what I'm hoping.  Seems odd everyone's trees should be dying at the same time unless it is something environmental?


  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    Here in the northeast all the cherry trees in my local area, and there are many. Have, I've noticed, very few leaves, look blackened and are beginning to drop what little fruit they had, still green. No cherries this year !!  

  • R. FordR. Ford Posts: 1

    Is there any hope for a cherry tree that's losing it's bark? Is it carpenter ants??

  • crshomecrshome Posts: 1

    I moved into Cherry Bank two years ago. We have two beautiful big Cherry Trees, one at the front, one at the back. The front tree is healthy and looks beautiful. The back garden tree is sadly looking quite sick. Many of the leaves have dropped off and the branches are more bare and dry than growing leaves. I have looked after this tree as it was rife with ivy growing all the way up and through, which I believed was not helping it. Now the lawn is covered with beautiful deep red leaves from the tree, and I can't see what's wrong? Has it just reached it's time to go? It must be around 40+ years old. I cannot see anything else wrong with it, the bark looks fine.

  • Dilly3Dilly3 Posts: 91


    is your cherry tree a Prunus Kanzan by any chance ?

    If it is then your garden must look like mine. what leaves there are and there aren't many this year are small and now they are turning brown and dropping off. I had to get the garden rake  out the other day as it looked like autumn time  on the grass. We had hardly any blossom this year and now the tree is going to be chopped down.  The tree man said it was very sickly and nothing could save it. Ours was 30 years old. 

    But the one in the front is looking very healthy and it's the same age. 

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