Windy Back Garden......Help needed please.

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Hi, I have a very windy garden. I would like some ideas for plants that ideally would like either full sun and or shade as the sun starts in my front then goes round to the back. I have an L shaped garden as I live in a Bungalow with two raised borders to plant up, the side one is about 25ft long by a 1ft wide the other is 20ft long by 3ft wide. I can't have plants that need alot of looking after as I have health problems.

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    In the sunny part I would create a lavender border, they do not need a lot of maintenance and are evergreen, mind do not seem to mind the wind and they would not need staking. You could inter plant them with hebes, sedums, rosemary, cistus rose. grasses, euphorbias.

    What is your soil like?

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    Hi kate, my soil is clay based but i have mixed alot of soil and all round compost into it. I have thought of lavender as it grows well round here so do hebes. I can't remember what euphorbias look like and I like the sound of the cistus rose will look that one up as i have never heard of it. Thats my side border sorted as it always gets the sun image. I have got a rosemary in the border at the back and some ferns so far....

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    Hi again Kate, have looked up the cistus rose...I do know it by its common name the rock rose and I like them. My mind is thinking of colour ways now.


  • it sounds just like my garden we back onto open fields and the wind really is a problem, I have an L-shaped raised beds (to keep football off) and have sun rising at the front of the house like you, I have stipa tenuissima grass which is lovely in the wind you don't need to do anything to it, planted against ferns christata affinis dryopteris a few hosta's, acers, echinacea, iris siberica shirley pope which is a really deep purple, perovskia blue spire, nandina domestica, festuca & heuchera's and have added some other perenials (lupins & verbena bonsaris, penstemons etc. in blue and pink, only planted it last summer and its looking lovely, the grasses really give it some structure and look lovely billowing in the wind, they all seem to have survived the hard winter although did loose a phormium but think that was more due to snow.  I do have to stake things quite early on to stop the wind damage.  Happy gardening!

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