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I have just decided to try gardening, i have dug up some lawn roughly 12ft by 15ft.

I have runner beans,onions,carrots potatoes and strawberrys. My strawberrys seem to be doing well,iput them in a grow bag last year,mead holes in the bottom so the roots can grow through! but i see i have a lot of ants all around them, will that be a problem? will the ants eat my strawberrys before I do? can any one help


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,384

    Hi Lu, Ants will not cause damage to strawberries by themselves, but if the fruit is damaged by slugs or birds, they will take advantage (as will other insects.)  It is possible that ants have decided that your growbags make a nice nest though!  To encourage them to move on and find another home, water your strawberries well and often - ants hate water and you can't really over-water strawberries in growbags.  If the birds start pecking at them (blackbirds love them), covering them with netting is about all you can do.

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  • LuLu Posts: 7

    thank you Bob the gardener. that is good to know ants dont like water, i dont have any trouble with slugs(yet) or birds. but i will get some nettingimage

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