Climbing Roses

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I want a climbing rose which is repeat flowering, fast growing, perfumed, disease reistant with fairly large flowers  does such a rose exist.


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    How about Albertine which is a rambler although the flowers are 4" diameter.  It quickly scrambles over anything and is  mass of pink blooms.

  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    what colour do you want...?

    yellow - Climbing Graham Thomas, Golden Showers

    pink - Mortimer Sackler - Climbing Gertrude Jekyll - Compassion

    red - Allen Chandler - Dublin Bay

    there are others, so take your pick.

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    I grow the rose Compassion, this is a very healthy large flowered light pink [the base of the petals has a hint of yellow] rose .the foliage is a deep green and the blooms smell devine. I planted mine 4 summers ago and it is trained along a 7ft fence, dead head it and it will flower into november . I grow it on the same fence as a cream/yellow honeysuckle [I think its Graham Thomas] and they look fab together.

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    Albertine is gorgeous, but unfortunately not repeat flowering. New Dawn would meet all your requirements though.
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    Thank you, I will certainly try a couple of these. image

  • Sizeyuk1Sizeyuk1 Posts: 105

    I have recently bought Pink Perpetua, is it any goodimage

  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    Yes I believe it is, although I haven't grown it.  Perhaps someone else here has...?

  • i like your suggestions quite fancy one of these myself , how would they be on a partially shaded fence?





  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    depends what is causing the shade but I've never known roses to be less beautiful in partial shade.  If it's West facing - that's fine.   Overhanging trees and their roots, may be not.

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    I didn't know   image that some climbing roses revert to shrub roses if  pruned  hard particularly in the first 2 years, just read it on this site, it may explain the odd rose I have inherited in my new garden, all the roses have been badly pruned, but a lovely red one is really bad, its been cut through the main stem and is sending out long dangling branches which have roses on them but hand on the ground, it was in a small pot and I moved it into the ground last Autumn 

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    I have a Madame Alfred Carriere on a north facing fence & it's travelling miles along it. I needed to move some of the longer stems last year so I pruned it hard & have fanned out the enormous amount of new stems it's put on. 

    Great scent, very good at repeating. Just off white & medium sized blooms I'd say. A great one for part shade I'd say.

    I planted Gertrude Jekyll, Tess of the D'urbevilles & Generous Gardener as climbers on the sunny side. They're not that quick to get started I wouldn't say & Tess isn't showing much disease resistance. I would say the other two would meet your scent , bloom size & repeat flowering criteria well though., if you like their colours. They're not ever going to be as big as Madame AC though.

    I saw James Galway as a climber at the David Austin gardens last year & thought it was beautiful. It's the next one I'm going to get. A Shropshire Lad had similar blooms but in a different colour. Crown Princess Margarita looked good too, if you like the colour.

    Of course it all depends how much height or width you have for the climber & what colours you want. 

  • Sizeyuk1Sizeyuk1 Posts: 105

    Tahnks for all the help, I feel quite excited to begin buying and planting.image

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