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I think that where I live today the rain has actually attracted more birds into my garden. I must of counted a least 20 House Sparrows all at one time with around 5 Starlings, two blackbirds and then later on a Blue Tit and a Pigeon. The bird table was so full of birds I don't think that you could of fitted another one on and the ground was alive with House Sparrows. I don't think I have ever seen so many Sparrows at once.

And so what seems to keep most gardeners inside brings more birds out.




  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,874

    That's Ok by me Philippa. All the pigment is falling out of my skin, I don't do sun.

  • Victoria SpongeVictoria Sponge WearsidePosts: 3,467

    I wish it would rain here...image

    I'll swap anyone 30 starlings for a full water butt?

  • diggingdorisdiggingdoris Posts: 512

    Yes I agree VS . I have 5 empty water butts as it hasn't rained since 7th June. We have stuff in the greenhouse and about 40 planters to water, that's without the borders being so dry. I've taken to standing a bucket in the shower with me to catch the spray, Each time rain is forecast we miss it. Lots forecast for Essex tomorrow, but will we miss it again? I hope not

  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,874

    Ask Dove Victoria, flash floods in Norfolk. Most of it missed us.

  • You may get the rain there tomorrow, we had it today and it was really strong rain in the afternoon.

  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,874

    It was all around us today WG and we did have some and some thunder.

  • Victoria SpongeVictoria Sponge WearsidePosts: 3,467

    Yes, I've been enviously reading about the rain- even the hailstones would do at this point. I have 5 waterbutts too diggingdoris- that's 1250 litres gone pretty much on containers and topping up the pond.

    It's been forecasted here several times and nothing has happened - I hoped the neighbour putting out washing might bring it on but nothing doing...image

     That's a deal Philippa- boxing them up as I typeimage

  • My mum says that it has started raining here today because the Glastonbury festival has started.
  • Victoria SpongeVictoria Sponge WearsidePosts: 3,467

    Fair one WG - she's got a good point - I think I'll wash all the cat beds tomorrow - they'll take HOURS to dry so I hope it stays fine...image

    You listening vengeful rain god?

  • Gillian53Gillian53 Posts: 112

    Raining in Yorkshire. But my two new butts aren't attached yet. Once we get that sorted, you can bet it won't rain for weeks. Just like to know I have a bit of top-up for the pond. Does anyone use tap water in an emergency for the pond?

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