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Nasty grey heap of stuff

BigbarbBigbarb Posts: 70

There was an overgrown mess of poppies, cornflowers, ladies mantle, lavendar and a small smoke bush in my not large garden. Whilst ruthlessly hacking back this heap i uncovered several mysterious piles like grey ash... i put a polybag over them and tied it to prevent spreading before binning it... but how comes i have never seen it in the 7 years we have had the garden? it was a frost free winter, no rain for a couple of weeks and hot windless weather, all rare for us in the Scottish Borders next to the sea....

HELP! anyone got any ideas?, 2 of the heaps were not 'up' anything, but one was round a grass stem.


  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,791

    I think I need a photo and a description of the texture

  • SupernoodleSupernoodle Posts: 954

    2 possibilities come to mind:

    1) some of dead crew of the Red Dwarf after the radiation leak

    2) the white/grey powder fungus you get when things (eg wood chippings) rot down.  It's not harmful apparently.


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