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  • PassionatePassionate Posts: 225

    I'm in Surrey .....but born and bred in Oldham so you could say I get around too ha ha 

    But blimey Peat B I can understand the chaotic mental disorder , I had a job reading your adventures.


  • Peat BPeat B Posts: 441

    I'm quite overcome with          something !

    I was one asked, 'How did you come t go around the world 7 times'? I replied, 'I have a poor sense of direction' !     Life happens. An adventure is dealing with THINGS THAT GO WRONG ! !

    Now, don't get me serious.  I'll deal with your situations one by one.

    Pash,  I was born in Surrey. Esher, raised in Canada, which makes me sort of special, well, when I was born, made me speshul. My wife taught in Oldham, Breeze Hill, and lived in Shaw.

    Phil-Smit,  I lived in Dorset and N.Devon, near Crediton. Also, when the humour ran out, W.Cornwall, within sight of Cape ~Cornwall. No power cuts unless there was a hurricane. Thank you Mike Fish !

    Pauline 7, Nothing is permanent, so I'm afraid that you will regain your sanity when you least want it !

    Snoodle, what can you expect, living near Nawridge. ?    Have you got  light, boy ?


    Planted up two pots of plain and curly leafed parsley this afternoon. Fed tha' boidies  and the chicken was cooked to perfekshun.

    Over and out. G'night children. Yer Daddy's buggered 


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