First early potatos

Once your potato plants flower, is it better to dig all the first earlies up and store the potatos inside or can I leave the potatos and plants in the ground and dig them up as I need them? If I want the ground to grow something else in, is it OK to store them? How long will they store for?


  • Green MagpieGreen Magpie Posts: 677

    Earlies won't store very well - they are small and lose moisture easliy, and they'll lose some of that lovely earthy freshness. Just use them as you need them - you don't even need to pull up a whole plant at once at first, you can just feel around in the soil and pick out a few potatoes, leaving the rest to grow on. If you're keen to clear the space, I suppose you could try storing some in a bucket of soil for while, but I've never tried this.

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