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Talkback: How to grow exotic plants from seed

I really like Carol Klein - I find that her instructions are really down to earth (sorry!) and easy to follow. Unfortunately, I'm disabled and lack motability but I would LOVE to attend a 9FREE) Gardening course run by Carol (if she'd cope with me I now live in Northern Ireland where everything seems to be very WET, boggy or foggy, but, when the sun shines - it can be very beautiful here).

Thanks to Carol, Alan, Joe and all the GW clan.

Best wishes and God Bless. Anne Eastwood


  • As always - bright, clear information and instructions from Carole. I met her at Chelsea (photograph to prove it - she must have got fed up of having that request, but continued smiling), and she is truly wonderful! We both love seeing her on Gardeners World, or any other programme for that matter, and love reading her articles. I have recently bought 'Grow Your Own' - fantastic. Grateful thanks and best wishes Carole. from Sheila and Richard
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