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Christmas Amarylis

Hi, I bought a cheapish bulb and got it in flower just in time for Christmas, the flowers were 4 foot tall yes that's right 4 foot.  Anyway that's not what I wanted to say, after it finished flowering I followed the instructions, fed it watered it and generally looked after it. I know what you are all saying they are not worth the hassle to keep on for another year, however, it has decided to sent up another flower spike within the last 3 weeks so I reckon that in another 3/4 weeks I will have it in flower.  What have I done wrong or should I just enjoy the bonus of a Christmas flower in the summer, and try and keep it going into winter.


  • nothing wrong - you fed it and it's enjoying itself - lucky you.  I keep mine year after year - when it has finished cut off the flower stalk and then feed it a bit more.  If it starts to die back stop watering and  let it dry out until you are ready to plant next autumn - it may simply keep going in the green.  what colour is it anyway?

  • Elaine 8Elaine 8 Posts: 9

    Its a lovely true red, I have no idea of the name I just bought it from a well known cheap high street shop for about £3.99, bunged it in a pot and let it get on with itself.


  • staffsmagsstaffsmags Posts: 230

    I've kept 2 bulbs, both still have strong green leaves. But ..... the bulbs are now small. Half the size they were originally.  I will admit to not feeding them very much!  So is it worth keeping them?  Mags

  • Elaine 8Elaine 8 Posts: 9

    I just threw some growmore on the top of the soil, do that with all my houseplants, at the same time as I fling the stuff over the outdoor gardens and pots. I have used it for years on indoor plants, except for orchids,  I suppose if they keep on flowering its worth keeping them going even if the flowers do get smaller each year.  I have noticed that the flower stem is much shorter than it was at Christmas, mind you it was about 4 foot tall by the time the flowers opened at Christmas.


  • It's used all its reserves on flowering so you must feed and water it to enable it to fatten up again, then when you replant in the autumn you feed and water some more - what a demanding bulb, but worth it even though it may never be quite as good as it was the first year.

  • Elaine 8Elaine 8 Posts: 9

    Will keep chucking grownmore at it then.  The bulb is still a real good size, so hopefully it will flower again at Christmas. xx

  • staffsmagsstaffsmags Posts: 230

    ok, on with the food!  Than ks.   And fingers crossed!  Mags

  • PosyPosy Posts: 3,601

    When they have finished flowering, mine go into the frost free greenhouse, then out into the summer sunshine. I feed them from time to time and repot them when they show signs of a growth spurt. The bulbs get bigger and bigger and they flower well, but not at Christmas. They are certainly worth keeping!

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