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what to plant atop a north faceing hill

Hi i was thinking of colouful hedge plants 1 Buddleja davidii pink 1 Ceanothus Yankee Point 9 cm pot 1 Forsythia x intermedia Spectabilis 9 cm pot 1 Spiraea arguta 1 Weigela x florida Bristol Ruby Are these suitable for such a spot. Ps monty don is the monty don


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,881

    And when you say 'hill' how high are we talking about and when you say 'cover from trees' what sort, how big and how close?  

    Also is this a rural spot, coastal  or near a city?


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  • Im in newport gwent south east wales. The settimg is a city but im a at top of the steepest road in the town. The cover is from a canyon of house on the right and a row of 30ft seycamor on the left. The problem is the bank faces north east and as the buildings act as a canyon the wind in the winter is fearce. Every year i weed the bank and plant something new which 50% dies. Ive a few alpine shrubs and som cordyina thriving. Ive planted a golden bamboo atop the hill which i fear may die this winter. I was thinking of colour so this is why i asked about the previous hedge shrubs. Do any of u think these shrubs will survive please? Thank you for your time
  • Hello chrissieB! I dont feel interrogated friend. I was just working.i Always apprieciate all imput
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  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    Cotoneaster, Hypericum, Kerria and Lonicera nitida are all tough as old boots and should thrive.

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  • Thank you very much crissieB x
  • Cheers hogweed
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