slug pellets

Any good deals on slug pellets at the moment I need them by the bucket load!!!



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    Do you have a Wilkinson's near you-got a carton for a £1 last week

  • Please don't use them.  Birds and hedgehogs will eat the corpses and then die.  Try barriers like sand, grit and copper tape (even crushed up eggshells), or treat with something like nemaslug.  Try having a bit of the garden with long grasses and some logs, to encourage hedgehogs and frogs.  I've got at least two frogs in my garden, and seem to be having a lot less slugs recently,even though we've been having very wet weather.  The blackbird nesting in the tree at the back is also very busy!

    You can get 'growing success' ones that claim they don't harm wildlife, I've used them in the past but won't any more, there are other ways of protecting prized plants.

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    The main reason slug pellets are undesirable is not that they kill birds and hedgehogs.

    No it's because they starve the birds and hedgehogs by removing their food source.  Even wildlife friendly ones.

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    As already mentioned, Growing Success Advanced Slug Pellets are completely safe and kill nothing but slugs and snails, disintegrating into fertilizer after six weeks. More expensive than metaldehyde, but much more enviromentally and wildlife friendly if you're happy to use them.

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    Weejenny have you tried using the garlic wash? I have a real bad problem with slugs and snails but have used this over the past 2 weeks and although I still have some slugs/snails in my garden and yard I certainly dont have as many as I used to.


  • having recently bought some non organic slug pellets due to lack of being able to buy any organic ones (3 different shops in one afternoon and I was loosing plants by the hour due to slug damage) I have to say i was very impressed with the carnage in the garden after use. image i know they are not nice for birds or hedgehogs but I have almost none in the garden as it is. 

    With the difference in price and how tight things are here I am not convinced I am going to go back to Growing Success at the mo

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    phew I was feeling a bit guilty there obviously a controversial subject. I dont have hedgehogs in my garden were terribly bothered with rabbits so weve chicken wire right round. Do birds eat the big fat brown slugs a friend told me they dont.I do use enviromentally friendly pellets.Im planning some sort of natural water feature to encourage frogs Getting on top of my slug population is my aim this year. Im going out shortly to sort out a few more!!

  • I find birds eat almost nothing you want them to!!

    No bird eats my slugs or snails - just my lettuces and cabbages - while watching the slugs and snails chew through all my sunflower stalks (- not just nibbling the leaves but through the bl00dy stalks!! ) 

    (Several snails this morning got launched across 4 gardens on to the main road this morning in frustration! Bit squemish about picking slugs up in bare hands or they would of got a similar treatment!! ) 

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    i take great pleasure in launching snails. My latest thing is taking my old sissors round the garden and chopping slugs n half. I dont do bare hands either yukimageThey really take out the badness in you image I just discovered my violas(which i grew from seed) chewed up today

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    You do know that snails have a homing instinct? If they survive the flight, they will head straight back to your garden....

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