What to plant around vegetablble patch?

Hi, I'm really lucky, at the bottom of my garden is a greenhouse and vegetable plot. The is a raised board down there too, but no plants. We just move in last year. What plants would be good? I was guessing plants or flowers that attract bees and butterflies or do any plants help keep pests away or encourage wild life to eat the pests? All plant/ flower suggestions are welcome, thank you x


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    I always grow marigolds in the garden and on my veggie plot - lovely to look at and they help to keep pests away. 

    Butterflies love shrubs like buddleia but they have to be kept well pruned each year. For late summer - and benefitting from the Chelsea chop - plant Sedum Spectabile which bees and butterflies love.  An easy plant and a good self-seeder is Verbena bonariensis.  Butterflies will flock to the flowers and be so happy you can photograph them easily. We get these beautiful swallow tails each year.



    Some experts say that single flowers are preferable to doubles as the bees can get at the nectar easier. 

    There are so many choices of plants that it has to be a personal preference.  When I had my first garden, over 40 years ago, I went down to the local library and spent many happy hours looking at gardening books and choosing plants which looked nice.  Had lots of disasters and lots of successess and 40 years later still don't know half of what's to know about gardening.  By just looking through all the threads on the forum you will get masses of ideas for your border.

    Happy digging.


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    I love <span style="background-color: #eeeeee; font-size: 12px; line-height: 18px;"> <span style="background-color: #eeeeee; font-size: 12px; line-height: 18px;">Verbena bonariensis

  • I've been doing some lookining into companion planting - if you look on google you'll be able to find lists of plants that benefit from being planted close to each other. Apparently things like African Marigold and Nasturtium are good to plant near veg crops. The Marigold does something to deter pests (scent based I think), and the Nasturtium acts as a sacrifical diversion.

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    Oh, the above didn't go right image

    I love verbena bonariensis x

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    We always plant a border of marigolds right round our vegetable plot.    We didn't use to but we were plagued with black fly.    Now we don't get any.     We always plant the single pot marigold, which comes in yellow and orange.     We get a lot of bees and other pollinating insects attracted to them, and the veggie plot looks pretty too.

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