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Pear Tree

AEEAEE Posts: 26

Hi everyone, just joined this forum and hope I can get some pointers on general care for my Pear Tree. I bought a Patio Pear (Kuato) CAC eatlier this year. It is growing well with plenty of green but I would like to know what and when to feed water prune etc. it is in a half barrel container near a East facing wall


  • Chris 25Chris 25 Posts: 50

    hi AEE,

    Pears are less able to withstand drought conditions so watering them is a must

    although pears a less prone to pets and diseases, But one exception must be pointed out that birds such as bullfinches find the fruit buds more attractive than apples.

    feeding grow-more ideal use librel use scatters on the surface and worked in twice a year, beginning growing season and late autumn. my favorite is seaweed extract fertilizer from good Garden centers a inner capfull per gallon of water poured at the base once a week will ensure it gets all the goodness and nutrients it needs .

    A Book called the Fruit expert by Dr G Hessayon sold in many good garden centers or from good retailers. have fun image

  • AEEAEE Posts: 26

    Thanks for your advice will look for the book

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