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Manufacturers please note

Why do manufacturers make it so difficult to open their products? I bought a 1L plastic container of Miracle Gro Pour & Feed yesterday and have spent ages trying to get the top off. My hands and fingers work perfectly well, but I couldn't budge it. My husband tried too. He is large and strong and he also had a battle to open the top. He even tried cutting the top with a penknife - dangerous! He finally succeeded by banging it down hard on the ground a couple of times. This dislodged the little plastic perforated grips. I know the manufacturers have to protect children and to avoid spillage, but there is no small child on earth who could have opened this container. Did I just get a rogue one, or have other people had this problem too? Getting snippers, scissors, pruners etc out of their protective covers comes to mind too .......manufacturers please note, there could easily be a legal action from an injured adult!


  • LilydotwinLilydotwin Posts: 30

    Tried that too, Pauline. Didn't work.

  • CalendulaCalendula Posts: 69

    I think this is quite a patronising response. It may be 'simples' for you but why should we have to do it? And how about those of us with grip problems for whom nutcrackers are a whole issue in themselves? I agree with Lily - it's completely over the top and nothing whatsoever to do with protecting the consumer - just the manufacturers covering themselves.

  • LesleyKLesleyK Posts: 4,029

    I remember hearing a long time ago that A & E used to get very busy around Sunday teatime because people had cut themselves on those stupid corned beef tins.  This obviously has had no effect on the manufacturers who still produce the same type of openerimage

    I have arthritis (not too bad yet) in my hands and do find that I have to ask for help in opening jars, bottles etc.  

    Lilydotwin - it would be an idea to write to the manufacturer and tell them how difficult your container was to open.  If enough people complain they may start to take notice.  Well we live in hope.

  • Alan4711Alan4711 Posts: 1,657

    Sometimes depending on what your opening putting it in the door Jarm and gently closing the door on it then twisting iv done hundreds of times but only on some  tops 

    good luck

  • Elaine 8Elaine 8 Posts: 9

    I have a large thick rubber band, put it round and round the cap and then twist said cap off - works every time not found a cap that it won't remove.


  • LilydotwinLilydotwin Posts: 30

    I sent in a complaint by email to Miracle Gro and almost immediately had a reply! The writer suggested using some sort of gripper to resolve the problem, which he suggested might have been caused by a speck of something getting in the threads of the cap. He also said that he would pass on the information to the manufacturers. I thanked him for his prompt reply and pointed out that they had a duty of care to all their customers, especially those disadvantaged by arthritis. We must wait and see if anything results from this, but if they get enough complaints, you might be surprised. Thanks to all who replied to my post.

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