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One curly sad tomato....

Does anyone know what might have caused it? In the course of ten days it's gone from a two foot huh healthy tomato to a twisted thing with curly leaves ( all still healthy green). Looks like it will be dead in a day or two. It's had equal amounts of water as the others, so any ideas as to what might have caused this? Don't want to lose anymore (it's my first year with a garden and a greenhouse so learning as I go!). Thanks


  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,731

    Any chance of a photo? How is it twisted? Distorted? Shrivelled? The plant itself or just the leaves? Any more info would be useful.

  • Hi thanks for such a quick reply. The whole plant has twisted and distorted, to the point it's now about half the height it was, and the leaves have gone curly but not crispy - they're still green and succulent looking. Will try for a photo later, not uploaded to here before
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    A photo would be great. Posting photos isn't hard. Take one, load it onto your computer, click on the Insert Image or Photo button (third from right in the menu above the posting box), click Upload, then Save as prompted.


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    Dang! The Edit function still isn't working. Try for a couple of photos, wider of the whole plant, closer of some of the detail.

    Planting details - where, how, the mix, and how you've been caring for it would help, too.

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    Curse this Edit function failure! One more thing - if it's possible, probably a good idea to isolate this plant from the others till we get to the bottom of things.

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