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potato problem

just dug up what I thought were healthy but small duke of York potatoes.

on closer inspection tho, a few of the tinest whiteish worms at the bottom of the container...yuck!!

could these be wire worms?

are they safe to eat?

should I dig them all up now?

will it spread to others on plot ; home guard and king Edward?

I knew I shouldn't have bothered...!

any advice please guys!!


  • hi buddy bear!

    no, the worms I had were white, very very small, I could hardly see them. have to say, ive scraped them and they seemed fine to eat, but one or two had little holes where they had burrowed in.

    really just wondering do I lift them now, im sure it will get worse..

  • thanks, I think I will even if they are a bit smaller, another couple of weeks would've been nice, but better to have some than none!

  • ah yes!!!

    ive had a terrible problem with slugs.

    we ate some last night and they were fine, if a bit small for duke of yorks.

    do you think I should lift them or leave them?!

  • thanks!! this site is greatimage

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