Weeds in my new grass

My new grass has just started growing but there seems to be alot of weeds, looks like dandelions growing to. What should i do? Should I dig them up now while the roots are small or wait until i can treat them. I cant spray with chemicals as this will kill the new grass.Please help 




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    Hi Steve and welcome.  It's my OH that's the grass expert really not me, but he doesn't come on here so I'll reply! 

    You don't say how 'new' the grass is, is it seed just sprouting or turf?  Anyway, I wouldn't use weed and feed yet if its new grass, presumably the weeds were in the soil already so I would maybe try pulling them up, making sure you get the root especially with dandelions, depending how established the grass is you could then fill with something like patch magic?  

    I how this helps a bit.  I'll ask OH later too and may post again,but give us a clue about the grass, maybe a picture?


  • Thanks for the advise. I laid topsoil and then covered with grass seed about a month ago. The new grass is now roughly 1.5 inches long with the weeds being about 2 inches. I dont want to use any chemicals yet as this will destroy the new grass. When the lawn has been cut a few times will this kill the weeds?


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    In that case no, definitely no chemicals yet.  Verdun has said on Forkers just to keep taking the leaves off the weeds so I would do that, there's no harm snipping the leaves off before you mow the grass but don't pull up as I first suggested.  Just taking the leaves off will stop them growing/spreading as much.

    Good luck image

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