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Cherry Tree - Bacterial Canker.. I think...


Thanks for taking the time to read my post!  We just got started on a (very weedy!) allotment in November.  We have about 200m2 and so lots of space to fill - we thought it would be nice to have a few fruit trees.

Firstly we bought two pear trees.  We will buy a plum next year and I'm thinking about doing a step over apple.  We got donated a cherry tree from a friend which we transplanted in the Winter/early spring.

Once we planted the Cherry, we only then realised it probably needs a pollination partner (learning as we go!) - the problem is we had no idea what type of cherry tree it was (and there are a few nearby) so we thought we'd just give it a go.  So we did, it blossomed and then it grew some fruit - not much - and by that i mean a small handful.  I figured thats not too bad for a first year. The fruit was sweet.

BUT! - the leaves have now gone brown (with holes in) - and the fruit did have brown patches on.  My best diagnosis via pictures/info on internet is bacterial canker. I haven't checked out the bark properly (will do tonight!) - but the leave are affected all over.

What I cannot find out is:

 - if it has come on due to stress, is it possible that we wont have the problem next year?

- will it have contaminated the soil?

- is it worth us trying to spray it (copper spray?) or should we remove and buy one from a nursery?

- I dont believe it had this problem last year at my friends, so if not due to stress would it have just come from the allotment?

- Can ours cause damage to other trees nearby?

 I'm unsure how old it is, it would be a minimum of say 5 or 6 years old.. could be much older but is still a small tree. It does need pruning anyway as some of the branches stick out awkwardly... what is the best way to prune and when is the best time for me to do this?... or do we just get rid of it and start again with a resistant variety?  

 Thanks for any help you can offer!!


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