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Well after 3 years, yesterday was the day I decided that enough was enough.

I brought 2 honeysuckles from B&Q 3 years back, however, yet again not one single flower on them, even though the green growth now must be over 20 metres and literally taking over. In a nearby hedgerow, the natural honeysuckle is in full bloom...lol...typical.

Oh well, I think I will try and couple of Clematis in it's place....maybe I will get some colour.


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    Hi, i honestly have no idea, maybe you treated it too well or the planting depth was wrong? Anyhow, enjoy your clematis, or maybe even a rambling rose image
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    you could take cutting from the one in the hedge around this time of year, at least you know it'll flower eventually!

  • Is there perhaps not enough sunshine for it? I think it should be ok in partial shade but perhaps it wont do so well in a really shady area.

    Perhaps you could take a cutting from the nice honeysuckle and see if you can grow it?

    - saying that I have no idea how you do it.. I have taken 4 cuttings (young shoots) this year and dipped them in rooting powder and popped them in compost, but none have started rooting and just died off.. someone will tell me I've done that completely wrong!! But if I can find a way to do it that would be amazing as I really want to grow from the honeysuckle that was planted outside my childhood bedroom window!.. Perhaps its just a numbers game and I should have tried more than 4!



  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,406

    cut just below where the leaves join the stem (use a sharp knife or scissors),

    I wouldn't bother with rooting hormone with green wood, it usually roots fairly easily,

    I tend to take the tip out as well so there are only two leaves per cutting (and if big leaves I cut the end off, so its only two half leaves), water and put somewhere shady and it should have roots by the end of august

  • i think i'll give that a go - thanks tree hugger.  I had 4 leaves on each and some large ones at that so perhaps that's whats stopping them root. Ive also had it on a sunny windowsill so will perhaps find a shadier spot.

    hope you have some luck nirtram! 


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