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Searching for new shed...anyone tried Crane classic shed?

Hi. I'm replacing my floorless & virtually roofless shed. I've looked at lots online & a couple of local sites. I'd like something really solid as I plan on treating the wood every year & not having to replace again for a long time (yes, I know good intentions don't last..). So far the ones Ive seen on site look a bit wobbly & even 1 21mm log lap one wasnt put together so well with gaps & bad window edges (and I would need them to erect it for me). I'm nervous of online ones I haven't seen. For some reason the Crane classic sheds look good & they seem to trade on the quality of product & installation, but wondered if anyone had any experience of them? Also they say they aren't tannalised (apart from bearers)...that they use good quality slow grown wood that is better than cheap tannalised. Any thoughts? Thank you!

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