I have successfully  planted some cucamelon seeds but not sure what to do with them

some are suggesting to grow outdoors but here it can be wet and cold.

They seem to be climbers so they might be too big for a little potting shed

any ideas?


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    I think they were talking about them on Beechgrove Garden programme on Sunday.  I think they transplanted from 3" pots into a greenhouse floor (but I could be wrong about that!). Perhaps you could try to get it on i-player or something.  Mags

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    I tried them last year. You can put three plants in a 10 inch pot and treat like cucumbers. I thought they were a waste of time.

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
  • I have them in a 4ltr pot you can fit a few in one pot and they're growing very vigorously, already have a fair few cucus forming now. 

  • My cucamelons were almost throw away - I went on holiday for 3 weeks and came back to a 4 foot wall of tendrils, leaves and fruit.  (3 pots)  Followed directions about when to eat - many are size of olives or bigger none are soft.  Tried them (& husband too) not lime flavoured melon - just bitter cucumber.  I may try and pickle some

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    I have grown them in my greenhouse this year 1st time. I quite like them but no one else in the family seem to. They are nice in a salad like cucumber.

  • I wondered if I left them longer to ripen a bit further would they taste OK - I love cucumber but these **********!

    There is a very heavy crop!

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  • Se above - already thought of that!  image

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    I ate one at Garden Organic last year, about the size of a large Walnut. It was delicious, I suppose one would add them to either a salad or fruit salad. It wasn't bitter.image

  • So I need to leave them longer - James Wong says to harvest at the size of an olive or a small grape.  Live in hope!

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    There may be different varieties. I'm a bit 'off' James Wong at the moment, I bought some of his Sea Kale seeds and tried germinating them in different ways but none of them has come upimage

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