Hi newbie to the forum ,I lifted some pot grown elephant garlick today and was pleased with the result , the query I have is there were some small cloves about  1 cm  diamiter  attached to the main bulb ,being a tight type can these be used for seed next year ? the ones i used this year cost £3.99 for two cloves from a garden center so you can see where I'm coming from on  trying to save on cost

atb DD



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    Can anyone help DD here?

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 58,410

    I've never grown elephant garlic, only the more usual types.  However this link might be helpful .

    I think I'd have a go at planting them - what have you got to lose? 

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  • philippa smith2philippa smith2 Posts: 8,061

    I haven't grown Elephant Garlic before but if you are really determined to use the outer cloves for next year, why not try ? The plumper the clove, the better as it has more beef to it to allow it to produce a bigger and better plant.   It is always better to try and plant Garlic in the Autumn and harvest the following seem to get better crops that way.

    I notice you say you are growing them in pots so assume you don't have the garden space as such ?  You seem to have got a good harvest doing it this way .  All you really need to remember is that the smaller bulb you use, the smaller results....sod's law I'm afraidimage

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    I am limited by space as Philippa says, but I was thinking these could be similar to onion sets ,does any one know if garlic can be grown from seeds ? I grow normal garlic in the soil and plant it in october  ,it was after checking on yutube that i decided to plant them in pots  atb DD

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    well it seems these are not realy garlic but leeks! and the nobs are corms which need 2years to turn into seed bulbs ,iv'e 22 of these suckers so ill let you know how I get on in 2016 lol ..

    atb DD

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    Surely you can tell by the smell?

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