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Flowering Cherry

I have a very old flowering cherry tree in my garden and this year, the most of leaves have brown spots, the larger ones along the edges, where the leaf looks dead. They look as if they'd been sprayed with something. They eventually shrivel up and then drop to the ground. There are no signs of insects on them and the bark and branches appear healthy. Can anyone give me some suggestions as to what the problem is?


  • Siany01Siany01 Posts: 1

    We have the same problem too, but we have noticed that some black fly are on the back of the leaves in the summer months.  Keep an eye out for them.  We wash off the leaves that are least affected and then we cut and burn the ones that are rather bad.  It does not however affect the fruit as ours bears abundantly. If anyone has any other suggestions I would love to know as my cherry tree was a mothers day gift many years ago and would so like to keep it in tip top shape. 

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