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Planting an Art-Deco Raised Border



  • Artjak, don't be making apologies! 
    Steve Johnson wrote (see)

    can I please say that a regularly wormed dog is no risk to humans!

    Ohhh, right, we all know how often a dog is wormed - they wear a tagged indicator to clearly show this, not, and I should observe this as I clear up behind them. Come on, as a vet, you should know better than to provide downright misleading excuses for people who let their dog image anywhere, supervised, without a second's thought of the consequences! Words fail me, beyond belief!!!

    If this is how low this topic descends, can we please get back to the gardening, promptly?


  • well,that looks to be a very good idea and just shows how inventive one can be.imagethats the garden of course.

  • The health risk to humans is extreme loss of temper, and only the dog-owners can cure it.

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