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Planting an Art-Deco Raised Border



  • pr1mr0sepr1mr0se Posts: 1,194

    Hi LowiePete - I am in complete awe!  It is a fantastic design, and so good to see the work in progress through to completion. 

    Art Deco is strong design, and I wouldn't have thought of translating it to garden design - but your garden is superb.  You must be very proud - and rightly so!

  • rhonsalrhonsal Posts: 25

    Really lovely - i'm inspired for my own little garden now! Well done on all your hard work and effort - bet your neighbours are very jealous as i know i am!

  • LowiePeteLowiePete Posts: 19

    Many thanks for your kind comments folks. I'll update the pictures once the Verbena at the front is in full bloom - the window boxes should be looking their fiery best by then too - weather permitting...


  • FloBearFloBear Posts: 2,281

    ... and on the seventh day he rested!!!

    Magnificent work LowiePete. May it give you and any passers-by much delight.

  • Steve,

    Small spaces can be quite difficult because it can look as though you haven't done anything at all, but you've taken the bull by the horns and done exactly the right thing by making a bold statement. People can like it or not (I do) but at least they'll talk about it. Well done!




  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    I think this is awesome !! super job - well done.


  • LowiePeteLowiePete Posts: 19

     Hello Folks,

    Thanks again for the kind comments. Having people stop and look adds a bit of pressure - keeping my front windows looking good. I did my nets, could not believe what they had collected, and snubbed the passing window-cleaner by doing my own. Bit of a job which I'll probably pay for in discomfort later.

    Joe_the_Gardener wrote (see)

    Small spaces can be quite difficult because it can look as though you haven't done anything at all... 

    Oh yes, that was always going to be a hurdle. Making it look too busy was probably the biggest risk. He didn't say anything, but I think my landscaper was a bit skeptical until he saw it come together. The hardest part of this project, and I'm still not sure about my current approach, has been what to do in front of the box. 

    A couple of neighbours have asked whether or not I'm going to erect any fencing. I have to say that I'm sorely tempted because _some_ passers-by think it's OK to let their dogs foul it, and for them to leave it for me to clear up! image

    I had a quick look around the garden centre yesterday and if the problem gets any worse, I'll probably look at inserting some decorative wire trellis work between some steel uprights. There wasn't anything there with a 1930's retro feel, so no decisions yet.


  • LowiePeteLowiePete Posts: 19

    @FloBear, I'm deliberately not going to quote your post, my reasons will become clear soon enough. When I read the first phrase, I just fell about laughing; Even now, I can't stop chuckling as I write this. image

    Heaven knows why... If _any_ of my friends see that, they're gonna be merciless.

    So, you'll understand if I'm not too effusive with my thanks...image 


  • I love it i think it great

  • LowiePeteLowiePete Posts: 19
    edited September 2019

    Hello Folks,

    Now that the sun has come out, it's time to assess the rain damage and the delay in flowering that the lack of warmth has caused...

    The first two photos show the position and pattern of the screening I've had to put up to try and prevent dog fouling. Yeah, it beats me too!

    The Verbena Bonariensis is totally living up to the promises made by the nursery. However, there's been a distinct lack of insect life around it. I just love its open airiness yet distinct stature.

    The Echinops Compositae Vietch's Blue are a bit behind and not really looking as good as they should and again, no insect interest in them yet...

    The spring flowering alpines have made way for the summer ones though their not as pretty. Despite quite a brutal haircut, the hardy geraniums have bounced back bigger than ever, but no sign of a second flowering...

    Plenty of colour along the front, although the pelargoniums are weeks behind with their flowering - there should be a riot of fire colours emanating from those window boxes.

    The hanging baskets are very disappointing indeed. This one might look OK, but it's been devastated by winds and the riot of blossom it should be by now is absent. Hopefully, some warm weather will help in the next few days.


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