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I thought I was watching a male and a female thrush in my garden as I thought they were courting so to speak, however I have just seen a male blackbird feed a berry to one of them so now I am thinking that I may have been watching two young female blackbirds and the male has just come in to feed them, they were quite large birds, is this possible.  The two brown ones that I thought were thrushes have been hanging around my decking area in the garden for the last two days, would they have just fledged recently.  Maybe this is one for Springwatch.


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    Yes - juvenile blackbirds have very mottled plumage. Have a look at their tails - they are very short when they fledge, and take a few days to get to a "normal" length.

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    It was good to just be able to watch them and they just sat there whilst I was right mu at the window watching.

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  • definately first brood of baby blackbirds. Dad will be feeding them on the ground and as the nest was successful mum will probably be back on it for a second brood. Look out for dad flying off with worms in his beak which will mean the second brood are successful and he will have started to feed them as well. Dads start to look quite tatty this time of year! Fruity suet sprinkles will give them a boost if you want to help. Enjoy watching them !

    I had a youg blackbird sat in the bird bath yesterday. It had a good bathe and then just sat there with its bum in the water for ages, so sweet.
  • got a blackbird nest  in our garden, the problem is i have noticed we have 8 yes 8 magpies all around ,the female is getting frantic any ieas how i can help


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