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Hello I'm new on here so not sure if I'm doing right,  I have a number of orchids , They do really well all out in flower right now, I have how ever had one the longest a 2 stem one its in a small pot 'original' one, I have small stems coming off the 2 original ones with their own leaves and arial roots, Problem is I feel it needs re potting as its getting to lean to one side, But I was advised not to re pot until the 'roots come through the pot and the pot starts to split!  Plus some of the arial root can they be 'cut off' ,  And would I do this while still in flower ?

Also I want to buy a Climing Red Rose with a Fragrance what would you recommend, its to grow up a trelles standing about 4ft,

image  Regards Gerry3,


  • One, a climbing red rose will go well above 4ft. but could be trained along. 'Ena Harkness', 'Crimson Glory', 'Rambling Rosie', all quite large. You could get a shrub rose and tie it in close, or, if the trellis extends for some distance lengthways, then the climbers/ramblers can be trained along it.  Re the fragrance - it's so personal, I think, that I wouldn't suggest anything. I can hardly smell flowers anyway, so I'm not the best to advise.  Just have to go on what the books and other people say!  HC

  • Oh, sorry,the orchids. They probably don't need re-potting. Sounds like you've got phalaenopsis (moth orchids), perhaps the easiest (and most rewarding for that).  They're epiphytes, needing little more care than careful watering (I use tepid rainwater) and draining off, and leaving to do their own thing in a light but not hot and sunny place indoors. They appreciate an occasional misting, but I've found them to be very tolerant of indoor conditions. Avoid close proximity to heat sources which will dry them out. Re the leaning to one side, they could be re-potted, and straightened up, but, why? Just turn it round and let it do what it wants.  HC

  • Flower birdFlower bird Posts: 284

    I wouldn't repot until the roots are coming through the bottom....i know you can trim the dead ariel roots......

    i repotted all mine and regretted it..i have damaged a few in the process...Dr hessayon books are good..he has one on orchid care....i should have followed his instructions...

    i do know Orchids like to fit tightly in their pot.....

    after having lost a few i havent given up, just learnt my lesson Gerry...i have some beautiful orchids now...and care for them with great pride.....

  • Please don't cut off the aerial roots - it needs them to grow.

    Use a small stick to help straighten it if it is leaning too much, ,

    Mine are the easiest plant - even my son manages to look after them whilst I am away.  He stands them in a washing up bowl and waters from the top with tap water and a drop of orchid feed - leaves to stand for one hour, then takes them out of the water, drains, and replaces in pot covers - once a week, or thereabouts. 

    They live on a windowsill which does not get too much sun......about five years old now and keep on flowering.

  • Gerry 3Gerry 3 Posts: 4

    Thanks very much for your messages re Orchids, I've had mine a good number of years and just love them,  They will now stay in their pots as they are,

    Thanks also for the Info on the Roses, 


  • Orchid LadyOrchid Lady Posts: 5,800

    Hi Gerry, the arial roots are fine growing out and only cut off dead roots at the bottom with sterilised scissors so as not to spread any disease onto your orchid plant. Also, they shouldn't be repotted when in flower.  Orchids do like to be quite 'pot-bound' as I would call it, totally different from other plants in that respect and as long as they are growing and flowering then they are happy.  I feed my regularly when in flower too.  One of mine flowered none stop for almost 3 years so I couldn't repot it image

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