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Hi all I'm growing pumpkins and patty pans for the first time this year. I followed guidelines in a book that said to pinch out the growing tip when 5 true leaves had formed, which I did. The pumpkins are now nearly a metre across and the patty pans ( sunburst, flattish yellow things ! ) are not far behind. There's lots of flowers and buds. I had one small pumpkin form but it seems to have rotted and died ? Even though it was on straw. Do I just leave them to it ? Or do I need to pinch out the growing tip of the side shoots at some point ? Part of the silly question section ! Are patty pans nice ? I've never eaten them ! They just looked so pretty on the packet and I like butternut squash. All feed back gratefully received image


  • Lily 3Lily 3 Posts: 49
    Thanks ever so much for that. I put a good load of rotted manure and compost under the pumpkins as well as a top dressing of organic slow release fertiliser. And pretty much the same with the patty pans. I'm also watering alot. So need to pinch any tips out to help form viable fruits ?

    Also as I'm new to this forum, I'm hoping on lots of great recipes towards the end of the summer / into autumn, to use up all the lovely veg we've grown image
  • bekkie hughesbekkie hughes Posts: 5,294
    Hi lily, ive alway had to hand pollinate too, despite bees etc, better safe than sorry, i grow loads, but have NEVER eaten one as i am a terrible cook image
  • Lily 3Lily 3 Posts: 49
    Thanks for that info and for the welcome ! They are all planted about a metre apart so hopefully enough space, although they don't half seem to be filling the space quickly at the mo. as for the recipes great ! Thanks ! I look forward to trying them at cropping time. It's like a lot of veg, not very inspiring just cooked on the own, bit with a bit of imagination it's amazing what you can do.

    WOOWZERS Beckie ! What on earth do you do with them if you don't eat them ! ! Note to self - get some good recipes for Bekkie later this year to use all the veg she's grown ! imageimage
  • bekkie hughesbekkie hughes Posts: 5,294
    Thanks Lily, i give most away, and always carve one for halloween, ive got anout 25 pumpkins and squash this year, think you can come up with a use for them? ;p
  • bekkie hughesbekkie hughes Posts: 5,294
    Most are the orange jobbies because i had saved seed which was years old, i thought i would be lucky to get one or two- hmmmm got that wrong! The other is butterbush which i think is a hybrid between butternut squash and a pumpkin that i cant remember image
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