Hi I have chilli pepper plants in the greenhouse one of the plants have some whitefly on the leaves. Can anyone give me suggestion on what to use to get ride of them. Cogie


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    You can swat them away but they'll return. You can hang sticky traps - like old-fashioned fly paper - nearby and it will deal with a number of of them. You can spray with something like pyrethrum but, again, they will be back. They're one of the most dificult pests to eradicate. The only upside really is that they don't do a lot of damage unless they're in serious numbers.

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    There's also a tiny wasp predator called Encarsia Formosa which you can buy.  The problem with using predators like these is the cost (they don't come cheap) and there is always a minimum temperature you need to maintain, which is rather tricky in an unheated greenhouse at the moment if you are in the UK!

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  • I plant french marigolds, whether they work or not...

  • Ladybirds?  You can get ladybird attractant, adult ladybirds and ladybird larvae on t'interweb, together with ladybird 'houses' so they can overwinter.  They're supposed to be good at getting rid of greenfly, whitefly, aphids and red spider mites.  I don't like using pesticides in my garden in case they damage the bee population.

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    last year i put marigolds basil & coriander between my tomatoes & cucumbers in greenhouse ,worked wonders the whitefly hate the smell of these plants and kept well away

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    Marigolds everytime. Never fails to deter the little devils. Plant them throughout my veg plot too, every third plant. I only grow one in a pot in a 8' x 6' greenhouse so that I can move it to the doorway to encourage pollinating insects.

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