Talkback: How to plant a bare-root rose

I found this very helpful as i was unsure of whether to bury the stems very deep.


  • I found this very helpful, as i have quite a few bare roots to plant, but wasnt sure what to do with them during this snow and freezing temps.
  • can I plant a bare root rose in a tub/pot ?
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    can i plant a new rose in an old rose site? i removed the old rose earlier in the year.
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    yes as long as the old rose didnt have any diseases....

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    If you want to plant new roses where roses have previously been growing , the it is advisable to change the soil . This can be done by taking soil from somewhere in the garden that roses haven;t been grown before , or buying sterilised top soil and using this to grow new roses . If you don;t do this you run the risk of getting what is known as rose sickness and the roses don;t do very well .So my advise is definitely change the soil for the best possible results.
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    Do you prune back the stems of a bare root rose. Mine has a green waxy substance on the larger stems. 

  • do bare root roses establish quicker than pot grown ones ?
  • I brought some new roses with fresh new growth on them, can I plant them now and leave them, plant and cut back in to old growth or wait.
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    I would plant now and prune in late February - we may well get a cold snap before then, and any new growth might get nipped back so if you prune then it will give the resulting new growth a better chance image

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