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Talkback: Plants for a green roof

janfranjanfran Posts: 12
I have made a green roof on top of a sloping shed just outside my backdoor. I trawled the internet for advice and placed several layers in a frame (membrane, old towels, rough gravel, soil, grit etc). I have planted it with sedums and sempervivums. I did this early in the year (March I think) and everything has already grown really well. I left plenty of space between plants and I have also tilted the shed slightly, and used a chain under the front ridge of the roof along which the water drips, and then goes down the chain at the end into a bucket. It is in shade for much of the day but this hasn't been a problem so far. I thought all the rain we had would rot the plants but so far, so good. One note of cuation, she little shed is now harde to move; well impossibloe really!
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