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bolting leeks

The leeks on my  allotment have gone to seed. Are they still alright to use for cooking.?  The centre seem to be a bit soft.

Also any hints on growing show leeks, I am taking part in a local competition only a bit of fun, but I would like to have a decent entry.



Wet and soggy


  • EuniEuni Posts: 6
    My dad used to grow show leeks in Tyneside. Actually won one year.

    Make a leek bed, at least 2 feet deep, filled with WELL rotted horse manure, this should be made and completed by november, with 6 inches of good top soil on the top.

    Set your special leek seed on boxing day and grow on. You will pay a lot of money for good seed from past winners. Get in touch with them, they want to sell.

    Leeks are GROSS feeders, protect from the elements either by a poly tunnel, preferably a plastic mesh tunnel , a solid top with open sides that you can adjust the temperature/air.

    To keep them clean, water with feed every night. A sudden deluge of rain can make them burst open. Keep the flags/leaves laid out and not rip or tear.

    My dad also used chempack, also a bag of manure in the water butt.

    Place funnels /drain pipes into the soil to direct the water/feed directly into the roots.

    Do not go away on holiday and leave them without being watered/fed daily.

    Grow many, not just the half dozen. Choose the best
  • Thank you for your reply, sounds fun I shall have to give it a go


  • Anything that has bolted is past its best, leeks need to be firm inside so any softness means past it to me. I use leeks in all the cooking and often braise them in stock for one of the veg dishes.
    In the North East of England where I live, leek growing becomes a thing of mystery even best mates will not tell each other how they grow them. Wives become leek widows as husbands sleep with their leeks, the shows gave good money and prizes for the biggest leeks, I think it is losing its appeal these days and I much prefer the small leeks for a better taste.
    Still we got plenty of leek and bacon puddings during the season as the weaklings were weeded out and only the best left to mature.


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