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Young Olive Tree

Chrissie12Chrissie12 Posts: 24

Hello All,


I am hoping someone can help me out please?  I have a young Olive tree, I've had it about 6 has flowered, now I think there are Olives coming, but, I am not sure what to do next....I obviously would like to have my own Olives. It is in my conservatory at the moment, it was outside but, I brought it in when the bad frosty weather arrived.  It isn't an all glass conservatory, so, I don't think it's too hot for it, it does seem to be thriving.

Does anyone know how I should treat it?  Or should I feed it some more?  I was feeding it, but, have stopped, maybe I should start again?  It's leaves are very shiny.

Looking forward to some help PLEASE!

Many thanks.




  • bekkie hughesbekkie hughes Posts: 5,294
    Hi Chrissie, that olive tree sounds amazing, its one tree i am yet to grow, but it sounds like you have it all under controal, if you have got it to flower and friut, it must be happy, consistency with water and feed is what i would say. Im sure more advice will be posted soon image
  • Chrissie12Chrissie12 Posts: 24

    Thanks Bekkie!

     I will start the feeding again...I have just looked again at it and when I only lightly touched one of the Olive shoots, it fell off!!!!  : - (

    I fear it may be too dry now this has happened, serves me right for saying how good it looks!     I daren't touch any of the other one's, there's only another two!    

    It is a beautiful plant, if it is at all possible for you to have one, you will not be disappointed!   I found mine in Lidle!  at a good price too...I can't actually remember what I payed now, but, I know at the time I was very pleased.

    Once again, Thank you for your response.

    Have a good day! image

  • bekkie hughesbekkie hughes Posts: 5,294
    It might be worth putting it in shallow tray of water in this weather, will keep my eye out for one image
  • Chrissie12Chrissie12 Posts: 24

    Hey!  That's a good idea Bekkie! Thanks again.

    I do have a tray under it,it probably needs a slightly deeper one, as you suggest, I will get on to it straight away, I must have something around the home that will do the job?!  

    I'll try anything, I just don't want to lose it : - (   I have looked after it so far, and now the Olives are starting to appear, I don't want them to DISappear!

    Well, if I see one anywhere I shall let you know, I think most of us have similar places to shop.  I am on the border of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

      Garden Centers I guess will have them, but, they can be so expensive!   


  • bekkie hughesbekkie hughes Posts: 5,294
    Cheers chrissy, fyi a baking tray does the trick ( i dont cook much!) image
  • Chrissie12Chrissie12 Posts: 24

    Ha Ha!! image

     I know the feeling Bekkie!  I don't do too much meself at the moment, waiting for my hubby to put an eye-level oven in, I have big back problems, so, not much cooking goes on here either!!

     I'll let you know how it goes ( the tray, not the oven! )...thanks again..

    No doubt we'll talk later!

    Bye for now ( I think !)



  • Tina39Tina39 Posts: 19

    Hi Chrissie - good luck with your olive tree. I bought mine from Tesco for £10 each - what a bargain! I've kept mine outside all Winter and they seem to be fine - have read to feed and water them regularly. I'm not expecting a fruit harvest but I do think they are very pretty trees. image

  • Chrissie12Chrissie12 Posts: 24

    Hi there Tina,

     Thank you!  image

     You are right, the Olive tree is very pretty.

    I hope mine carries on the way it is doing, I am pleased with it, just don't want the other fruits to fall off!  I don't suppose I should have touched it, I was admiring it and 'piong' it fell ! : -(

    I have put another, deeper pot under it now, as Bekkie suggested.

    You did get a bargain at £10!   As I say, I can't remember what I payed, but, I do know it wouldn't have been over £10.  So, we both have grabbed ourselves a bargain!!

    I dare say I will have to put mine outside eventually, when, I hope, it becomes too big to stay inside!.....Good to know yours survived without any problems. image



  • dizzylizzydizzylizzy Posts: 91

    I kept my standard Olive tree ouside in an open porch hardly watered, and it is now thriving, it is covered in flowers, but being inthe UK not expecting Olives- however may be if Chrissie gets some my flowers may turn to olive.

    I had it bought in June 2012, and kept it indoors till May of 2013, but it gradually lsot about 90% of its leaves, but once out in the south-facing garden it started to sprout new leaves, no flowers.

    This year it is amazing, lots of leaves and flowers- photo attached. and this morning I have repotted it as it was top heavy and always falling inthe wind.  I have made a video of it to post on youtube for our gardening club (new incentive- we are doing videos to share our tips, do demos etc), but I haven't managed to get it to upload. 

    Ofcourse, doing it on the tablet so not sure how to do it, it would appear i am uploading it twice, 16% and 28% after about 3 hours, and it seems impossible to cancel.  Our slow Broadband link could be the problem!  If anyone knows how to do it- let me know....

    Mine was already grown as a standard, was on half price special offer -was £15 from Morrisons supermarket and is about 7ft tall!

    RHS Harlow Carr at Harrogate keep their's outside but as they have had no protection they are sparse in the leaf department... A cold greenhouse would be good if you don't ahve a porch. 

  • dizzylizzydizzylizzy Posts: 91

    dizzy me forgot to add the photos.  Also Chrissie- see the other link to the Olive tree which offers some great advise from Dove form above, discodave and several others.



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