unwanted ivy

which are the best products to kill unwanted ivy, it is in a position that i cannot get to  to dig it out?


  • 'Round Up' works well. it did for me but I did need to do it twice as the plane was extremely well established.  Good luck.

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    How big is it and where is it growing? I had a very mature mass of the stuff to clear. The roots were huge, the growth immediately above the roots about 3" across. It was also growing against various dry stone walls, meaning it had rooted itself in the walls as it spread.

    You have to attack the roots. I found each and every root in the ground, cut all the growth just above root level, scraped the roots in several spots to expose raw wood, and painted on Round-Up (at the specified dosage). It can take a couple of weeks, with another application if need be, but that takes care of the roots. It's a matter of finding all the roots.

    Then, in my case, it was a matter of stripping it from the wall, sometimes levering it clear with a small crowbar, pulling it out where it had rooted itself, using Round-Up where I couldn't extract the roots.

    If yours isn't growing against and into a wall, life will be easier.


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    Bramble killer usually works for me where ordinary weedkillers don't, including ancient ivies, brambles and bindweed. It can sometimes help to bruise some of the ivy leaves a bit, just by whacking with a rake or something - their surface is fairly waxy, making it hard for topical herbicides to penetrate. I also recommend taping a cardboard cone over the spray nozzle if there are plants around that you want to keep. It just limits how much poison can get blown onto stuff it wasn't intended for.

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    That's why I paint on the stuff rather than spray it. Much more precise, no risk of collateral damage.

  • My neighbour loves ivy, I hate the stuff (think he likes it cos it's easy to take care of).  It comes over my garden wall, and also attaches itself to the house.  I can't kill it (because it's planted on his side of the wall, and he'd go bananas if I did), so I've been cutting it back, it will take an age to get rid of all of it because it's through a diseased blackthorn I need to chop down.  To get rid of the stuff that was all over the back of my house, I used a wolf-garten patio scraper knife (not the wire brush type), with the big handle on I managed to get most of it off.  Took me a couple of hours, but now the back of my house is mostly clear.  You may find this a useful tool for getting rid if it from a smooth brick wall (or even a dry stone wall, with the shorter handle).  Not what the tool was originally intended, for, but I found it very effective, better than a wallpaper scraper, as it's sharper.  The hooked bit is also useful for pulling down any shoots you can't quite reach!  Hope you manage to rid yourself of the annoying stuff.

  • thanks for replys on my ivy problem i will give the round up a go if no luck the bramble killer as we have these grow through our laural hedge, downside of living next to open fields. image

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