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soaker hose

hello every one . i am back again , continueing my quest to grow  massive pumpkins that dont explode , recently i have been toying with the idea of running a soaker hose through my pumpkin patch , this will be fed from my water but t  , can anyone suggest to me how deep to place hose , how close to plants and is the far end of the hose suppossed to be blocked off as the water trickles out the ends , many thanks for those that can cure my lack of knwledge in these matters .



  • philippasmith2philippasmith2 Posts: 9,346 lay the hose a few inches under the soil so that it is watering the roots of the plants........depending on your soil type a couple of inches should suffice.

    Yes, block the ends off............otherwise you will end up watering ground that is not necessary.

    If you are just using it for specific plants,  as opposed to say a row of close grown plants ensure the outlets are placed close enough to the roots.  Remember too that when you want to give your Pumpkins a feed, do it with a can and turn your hose off otherwise you risk washing away your feed.

    Hope that helps........leaky hose water, particularly in this dry weather, is a better bet than overhead wateringimage

  • thank you it works a treat

  • philippasmith2philippasmith2 Posts: 9,346

    Glad it's doing the job for you..........hope the pumpkins do wellimage

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