Mini Munch Tomatoes

ninnin Posts: 186

I was given a packet of un wanted mini much tomatoes for children this year. The plants so far are tiny and planted back early April.

These are supposed to be for window boxes and I think the plant grows the size of a football mine are about 7-8 inches at the moment with thick stems.

I was wondering has anybody grown these and what are they like for taste crop size etc.



  • philippa smith2philippa smith2 Posts: 6,302

    Nin......sounds like they may be one of the Tumbling varieties.....supposedly you can grow them in hanging baskets..........but when all is said and done, they are Tomatoes...greedy plants so if very confined, need a lot of attention.

    IMHO, most of the fruit and veg entitled "fun sized" or "snack sized" is really just an advertising ploy.  There are varieties which have been specially bred to produce when small but I think, in this particular case, normal toms such as Sungold will produce as good toms as will the tumbling varieties.

    I tried Tumblers last year but wouldn't bother again.....tho the green fruit did ok for Tom chutneyimage 

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