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MatusaMatusa Posts: 3

Last July I bought two Raymond Evison clematis Chevalier and Zara, and whilst the Chavelier is doing well the Zara is looking rather poorly. Would someone please help a not very experienced gardener to overcome this problem. 




  • Chris 25Chris 25 Posts: 50

    It looks like clematis wilt, on the dyeing parts is there signs of what looks like sap or spit if so , you will have to get rid of it, and replace the soil around it. either burn

    the plant or get rid  DO NOT COMPOST IT. if this is the case do not forget to clean and sterilize your tools

    Now if it has not got either as for-mention then take a clean pruning knife cut into a lower off shoot to see if it dead through out or is it showing signs of green inside in which case trim back give it a good feed (liquid seaweed) once a week it will pick up next year. if it is dead  replace it.

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,857

    If it is clematis wilt there is no need to destroy the whole plant.  Just remove the affected stems to the base and then give it a good feed of liquid tomato or rose fertiliser to provide a tonic and encourage new stems to grow.   Do this for a few weeks to give it a chance.

    New clematis can take a year or two to get established and grow strongly.  It helps to pant them at least 4" deeper than they were in their pot and to provide plenty of soil conditioner such as well rotted manure or garden compost when planting and then as a mulch every autumn.   In spring, give each one a generous dollop of specialist clematis food which will release nutrients slowly plus a drink of liquid rose food.

    Clematis are very hungry, thirsty plants so keep up with the nutrients every year and make sure they don't dry out but don't drown them either.   Yours looks as though it is very close to a fence so may be in a bit of a rain shadow.   If so, water it thoroughly and then mulch it to help retain moisture.

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