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Need to improve soil what's best?

Hi I have a border which has been covered with weed suppressant fabric and bark. I'm now ready to lift all of it up and start to plant a new herbaceous border. I was looking for ideas on what to use for improving the soil. It's not clay but I think it does need some good organic matter for the new plants. Ideally I would use homemade compost but I dont have enough, so resorting to buying in. I don't know what would be best e.g soil improver, multipurpose compost. Ideas gratefully received thanks.


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Anything is good -it depends on how deep your pockets are-buying in bagged products is going to cost- far better if you can get hold of some well rotted farmyard manure if that is available in your area.

    How big a border it this?

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    Double dig in some mushroom compost or well rotted horse muck to improve the soil. If you can't get it for free, neither are that expensive to buy. I dug in mushroom compost on a new bed last year and everything is romping away.

  • weejennyweejenny Posts: 386

    I like the advice cufcskim has given you thats exactly what i would do. Give it a right good turn over get in there while you can. Gosh I wish I had a new border Ive no more room my husband has warned me Im to leave what grass we have left alone! Ive already given up the grass in front garden and that I just got away with..

  • pavery026pavery026 Posts: 75
    Thanks everyone, regarding size it's approx 3 foot wide and 10 foot long. I covered it so I could get to grips with the border on the other side. Now that one is full and I've ran out of space, so time to do this one. I can't leave the grass alone either I just love plants and can't stop buying them, so more grass has to go. It's exciting planting a new area up.
  • weejennyweejenny Posts: 386

    Your making me jealous. Our old neighbour has joked that one day he'll let me take over his garden you just never know.. I too just love plants its an addiction. I do gardens just to help out my neighbours Ive been known to pop up out of manys a border.

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