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Talkback: Taking basal cuttings video project

allyally Posts: 1
very helpful, thankyou carol xxx


  • Thanks Carol this article was great, not sure though when to take cuttings as on G/W Friday you were taking cuttings from your garden but in your article you said spring? Plesase advise Thankyou Sue x
  • These videos are great but they don't usually say what time of year they were filmed.....or have I missed something!
  • Very interesting thank you
  • That was really so interesting. Now I have learned so much. Thank you
  • janfranjanfran Posts: 12
    As per usual, great instructions and then left in mid air. Do I harden them off outside? What do I do after 'potting on'? When do I plant them out in the groun?

    This is the trouble with some of the Gardener's Worold 'excellent' instructions - they just stop at a point where the gardener (Carol, Monty etc) know exactly what happends next. But I don't!
  • Pauly2Pauly2 Posts: 12

    Great instructions for that part, but what are we suppose to do after potting on?


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