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Stunted Rose

I've just joined the forum and will be very grateful if someone could give me advice on a patio rose purchased last year.  It's just named "Yellow Patio " and gave me abundant flowers last year.  It lives in a pot, plenty big enough, and has been pruned and fed along with other roses in my garden.  It refuses to put on any leaves apart from a few at the top of each of it's four branches, and it has formed one bud. I can't find any pests apart from a touch of black spot which was treated. Is it for the bin?image


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    Try giving it a balanced fertilizer such as Growmore rather than rose fertilizer, and replace the top 2" of compost with fresh. If it flowered well last year it may well have exhausted the compost, and rose food won't replenish it fully. Also, make sure it's in a sunny position (if we ever get any sun) and kept moist.

  • lilly3lilly3 Posts: 52

    Thanks for the advice. I did use specific rose fertiliser and mulched with well rotted manure but didn't change any of the compost, so will try what you suggest.

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